Who We Are_

In 2002, WECE was founded to promote and inspire women in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Our objective is not only to encourage women to pursue a degree in ECE, but to also be a source of assistance in reaching academic and career goals. The WECE organization provides members with opportunities to make social connections within the department, advance technical skills, and network professionally.

Involvement with WECE gives members a chance to make new friends and contacts within the department. WECE hosts a number of social events such as the Fall Banquet and Spring Semi Formal as well as other regular social meetings. Whether you are an incoming freshman or graduate student, being a part of a community of people that supports women in ECE is a powerful tool in furthering your personal and academic success.

Along with the social aspect, WECE is also committed to assisting the development of our member’s technical skills. WECE organizes various events each year including technical workshops and tech talks by companies such as Square and Google. We recognize the importance of having well-rounded, technical knowledge and strive to help our members gain as much relevant experience as possible.

WECE helps its members form valuable professional connections. It can sometimes be difficult to attain positions in the corporate world, which is why WECE makes it a priority to establish relationships with companies in order to help members do the same. This includes hosting guest speakers and organizing luncheons with influential people in the field who support women in ECE. We also work in cooperation with various companies, such as Microsoft and Goldman Sachs, to provide our members with as many internship and job prospects as possible.