Prospective Sponsors

Founded in 2002, WECE was established as a means of supporting and encouraging women in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UIUC.

We are committed to constructing a comfortable environment for everyone who studies and does research in ECE by increasing social interactions within and beyond the department, providing opportunities to meet prominent women in our field, providing professional information and support, advocating relevant policies, practices, and curricula changes, and creating awareness of the issues relevant to women in electrical and computer engineering.

We intend to achieve our goals by hosting regular social meetings and leadership workshops, facilitating faculty mentorship, and inviting guest speakers to give us insight on topics concerning women in ECE. We hope, however, not only to help our fellow students at UIUC, but also to aid others, beyond the boundaries of our campus by encouraging and recruiting new minds to join our field.

The funds donated to WECE will be used for the following activities:

For more information, please contact our External Vice President, Christina Choi, at cchoi18@illinois.edu, or view our corporate newsletter here.

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