September 19, 2016


Grace Hopper Conference

The Grace Hopper Conference is the world's largest gathering of female technologists.  It will take place this year from October 19th - 21st in Houston Texas; if you are interested in being selected to attend, please fill out the super short application that is linked below.  

To those who are selected, WECE will be providing free conference tickets and a reimbursement (amount to be announced later) strictly for transportation and lodging fees (bus, plane, hotel, etc.).  Please note: you are required to provide receipts to receive reimbursement from WECE, otherwise you will not be able to get your money back.  We are only providing the conference tickets and are therefore not responsible for anything that happens during your travels.

Here is the link to the application:  The application will be due on September 20th at 11:59 PM; if you have any questions, please email Annika Dugad at!

APT Tech Talk

Applied Predictive Technologies is a company that provides business analytics software designed to systematically test ideas and reduce risk in large companies.

Please come to this tech talk event to learn about APT's internship and full-time opportunities. Chipotle will be provided!

When: Wednesday, September 21st, 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Where: ECEB 1013

Resume Book

Companies (such as AT&T, Consumers Energy, etc.) have expressed an interest in browsing our resume book for potential candidates (from undergraduate freshmen to graduate students) for their internship/co-op/full-time positions.  If you are interested in having recruiters take a look at your resume from our secure, password-protected book, please send your resume to Annika Dugad at!

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