March 05, 2017



Come visit our project during EOH! WECE EOH Director Sarah Liu has spearheaded the “Mirror, mirror on the Wall” project which will be on display in the lobby of ECEB for students and visitors. If you would like to volunteer to man the booth for any amount of time, please email

When: FridaySaturday, March 10-11

Where: ECEB Lobby

Admitted Women’s Lunch

The department has invited all of the admitted women and their families to attend a lunch to learn more about the department and talk to current students and faculty. If you would like to participate in chatting with these prospective students, please email by the end of the day on Monday. Lunch is free for volunteers!

When: Saturday, March 1112-1pm

Where: ECEB 3002


Climbing Social

Join WECE members for a fun night at the climbing wall! Check out the Facebook event here and RSVP here if interested.

When: Wednesday, March 15, 6pm

Where: ARC Climbing Wall


Resume Book

Companies (such as AT&T, Consumers Energy, etc.) have expressed an interest in browsing our resume book for potential candidates (from undergraduate freshmen to graduate students) for their internship/co-op/full-time positions.  If you are interested in having recruiters take a look at your resume from our secure, password-protected book, please send your resume to Annika Dugad at!


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